Lindsay and I have started a silver goods line called "Broken English"
Including a few pieces in bronze and a few in the future in gold, it's a little side project of ours to keep our minds stimulated. To the right there's a link to the new site, however at the moment there's no photos of the pieces as it's such a busy time of year for the both of us.
Those in Vancouver will be able to meet with us in person this Friday and Saturday (December 5th and 6th) at the Western Front's annual "Toque Christmas Sale".

It'll be the first time any piece from this line will be available to buy.
With the majority of pieces geared to the ladies, there's a limited number of designs at this time as we're still feeling out the response of the public. Presently an assortment of necklaces and braceletes, they will be accompanied by a couple of men's necklaces with a plan to expand to an exclusive men's line for early next year.
Come pick up some nice holiday gifts from the group of other talented vendors, and pop by and say hello. We'd love to see you.

handmade through and through...something old something new

A client met with me at the airport earlier this year wanting to present their daughter with a gift for her wedding day. She handed me a small parcel of her grandmother's diamonds, wanting her daughter to walk down the aisle with the memory of her in spirit. After the short visit they were in the air off again on their way home from a business trip.
A little while later, we transformed this collection of stones into a new timeles heirloom which is to be passed down to the next generation being started with the new couple.

These diamond encrusted earrings (shown in three views) are entirely hand fabricated at the bench. Using 19k white gold and platinum plate and wire, everything down to the spring lever backs is handmade. With this added attention to detail, it really makes a difference to a piece you are already spending hard earned money on that you wish to keep and pass down in the family. I think they're nice!

hello and welcome...

Happy crisp autumn air everyone, thanks for looking me up.
I'm still in the process of getting a proper website together so in the meantime I've set up this blog to showcase some work and give everyone a good idea of what it is I do.
I'll post an invitation when the site's up and running which I hope will happen soon.

With the custom design portion of my work, my primary focus is on the metal work involved as well as the overall layout and design. I am a trained handmade goldsmith, as each item is fabricated from an ingot of metal; sheet, bar or wire, and cold worked and soldered to the desired forms.
Pieces are created in 18karat yellow gold, 19karat white gold, platinum and a couple of pieces in sterling silver as well. And I recommend only top quality stones for each piece with respect to each individual budget.

Within this blog, I'll give a brief explanation of some of my past work that may help aid in broadening your approach to buying jewellery...And from time to time I'll try to give you a glimpse into my ordinary life.

Feel free to pass this along to family and friends, and hopefully i can be of some help.

Thanks again and keep checking in,

By the way, I hope the weather's nice for you. It's not snowing in Vancouver if i can rub it in to those in other parts of Canada...


Our palettes have been sterilized of any colour making for an easier sale of the abundant, and expensive diamond. Unfortunately in advertisements, we are bombarded with so many diamonds that we forget that there are many other beautiful gemstones to choose from.
However, some coloured stones can carry as much prestige as diamonds, sometimes more.
The Emerald is one of them.
Emeralds can be tough to source, especially when looking for a specific cut of good quality and colour. The ones you see at the mall or online are usually filled with inclusions and don't do the stone justice...but they can be really beautiful. When you have the opportunity to see a nicely saturated, clear and lively emerald with little to no inclusions, it can be quite breathtaking. And it's no surprise that some larger emeralds can demand a higher price than some diamonds of the same size as flawless emeralds are very rare.

Traditionally, emeralds are paired with yellow gold. it accents the colour nicely and brings an overall warmth to the piece. Paired with black Tahitian pearls they can carry a modern design with grace, such as the earrings on the left with handmade, spring lever backs.
And without the aid of diamonds, a really nice quality emerald can speak for itself in a clean simple design as in the ladies ring on the right with a beautiful 1.18carat square emerald cut.

With the ability to source a specific stone's quality and shape determined by your own price, as well as being a part of the design process, it might be the nice option you've been looking for...or you can take a look at Sapphires, Rubies, Amethyst, Garnets, Peridot, Alexandrites...

what about that men's black

The men's band in the previous post has gotten much attention lately. So much that it has inspired the likes of a few other rings. It's flashy yet subtle, pave set fully on only one side of the ring. A favourite men's ring to many including myself.
Below is a couple of variations on this ring using black diamonds, an edgier alternative to the flashier, pricier white diamond.

In a platinum ring and brushed finished on the top surface, black diamonds are striking, pave set again on one side of the ring and accented by a single white diamond. Accompanying it is the matching women's eternity wedding band.

...and for an even more subtle, classier look, try less stones.
Below, in 18 karat yellow gold this time, with a brushed finish top and polished sides. In this case, one side has only four black diamonds on one side and mirroring it are four bright white diamonds on the opposite side.

(Yellow gold is back by the way, and it looks great with a darker complexion)

rings that withstand time...

how do you improve on a classic design? Subtle changes towards simplicity and cleanliness in any piece can refresh and even make an already good design even better.
A well made ring will always look good, but cutting back and simplifying a past design can broaden it's appeal and make for timeless design.

inspired by a very popular six claw setting, this ring was designed with a softer, rounder band and only four claws with cleaner, more modern lines in the setting.
Still one of my favourites, the engagement ring on the left (below) is a stunner in a crowded room. A 1 carat emerald cut center stone surrounded by pave set smalls, it sparkles brightly from afar.
Inspired by a traditional design, migraine edges that were fashionable the past couple of years have been omitted and it's been simplified to a single arc on each of it's sides instead of the usually highly decorated scroll work. Clean yet classic in design.

made just for him...

A great fitting suit, a fashionable tie, a crisp white shirt, a quality pair of leather boots and a matching belt. What about jewellery? A watch, with the band matching the belt and shoes if its leather. Maybe a wedding ring...

What about cuff links. Like a monogram or family crest, the wearer's initials in gold carries it beyond just a fashion accessory, it becomes a personal staple that not only looks sharp but carries along with it a confidence in oneself rooted at his name.

The first set I made was for Lindsay's father, a gift from my mother in-law (above). They always get compliments when worn, and more and more when seen in my portfolio.
They also make a great wedding present from the bride, as in the set for a friend (below, left). Or for oneself, as with my own personal set (bottom, right).

Like the wearer, the font or letter form is just as individual and can speak of his personality or desired statement, but one thing's for sure, when emblazoned on one's cuffs reflecting the surrounding light, they can carry any suit beyond the all the suits in a room.

In either 18k yellow gold or 19k white gold, and backed with sterling silver, matching tie tacks can also be made (photos to come soon).
How about carrying your heart on your sleeve with someone Else's initials?

she said sure why not...

...and we were wed august 1st 2008.

On top is Lindsay's engagement ring, a 1 carat cushion cut diamond in a flowing asymetrical ring.

above, our wedding bands photograped on our wedding day, fine eternity rings, her's with black diamonds channel set in 19 karat white gold, mine with yellow diamonds in 18 karat yellow gold.

paying hommage to an heirloom...

Fashion changes but the underlining thought will always stand time. A diamond although special in itself will always just be a diamond, whereas a ring is chosen to compliment one's individuality and personal beauty.

the family heirloom

A grandmother's engagement ring will always be special, and it's selection was just as important then as it is for today's potential bride. So when it is passed down in the family, why not pay tribute to granddad's great taste...with the modern aesthetics of the day.

a modern version of grandmother's ring using her diamond

Using a diamond from grandma's ring in a new, totally different ring would just be a new borrowing elements from her ring into the new one, the family diamond follows a respectful line bringing the story of it's selection full circle.

not your typical engagement ring...

Jewellery, as most things nowadays, can be quite generic. There's nothing wrong with the classic diamond solitaire, but every once and a while a special lady comes along that needs more than the typical.
Here's a 19k white gold with a platinum setting speckled with sparkly diamonds and rich alexandrites.
Alexandrite is a very special gemstone, rarely found in commercial jewellery, it changes colours from a reddish purple when viewed in warm candle light to a beautiful greenish blue when viewed in bright natural sunlight. A beautiful alternative that's coming into the spotlight nowadays.