Our palettes have been sterilized of any colour making for an easier sale of the abundant, and expensive diamond. Unfortunately in advertisements, we are bombarded with so many diamonds that we forget that there are many other beautiful gemstones to choose from.
However, some coloured stones can carry as much prestige as diamonds, sometimes more.
The Emerald is one of them.
Emeralds can be tough to source, especially when looking for a specific cut of good quality and colour. The ones you see at the mall or online are usually filled with inclusions and don't do the stone justice...but they can be really beautiful. When you have the opportunity to see a nicely saturated, clear and lively emerald with little to no inclusions, it can be quite breathtaking. And it's no surprise that some larger emeralds can demand a higher price than some diamonds of the same size as flawless emeralds are very rare.

Traditionally, emeralds are paired with yellow gold. it accents the colour nicely and brings an overall warmth to the piece. Paired with black Tahitian pearls they can carry a modern design with grace, such as the earrings on the left with handmade, spring lever backs.
And without the aid of diamonds, a really nice quality emerald can speak for itself in a clean simple design as in the ladies ring on the right with a beautiful 1.18carat square emerald cut.

With the ability to source a specific stone's quality and shape determined by your own price, as well as being a part of the design process, it might be the nice option you've been looking for...or you can take a look at Sapphires, Rubies, Amethyst, Garnets, Peridot, Alexandrites...

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