hello and welcome...

Happy crisp autumn air everyone, thanks for looking me up.
I'm still in the process of getting a proper website together so in the meantime I've set up this blog to showcase some work and give everyone a good idea of what it is I do.
I'll post an invitation when the site's up and running which I hope will happen soon.

With the custom design portion of my work, my primary focus is on the metal work involved as well as the overall layout and design. I am a trained handmade goldsmith, as each item is fabricated from an ingot of metal; sheet, bar or wire, and cold worked and soldered to the desired forms.
Pieces are created in 18karat yellow gold, 19karat white gold, platinum and a couple of pieces in sterling silver as well. And I recommend only top quality stones for each piece with respect to each individual budget.

Within this blog, I'll give a brief explanation of some of my past work that may help aid in broadening your approach to buying jewellery...And from time to time I'll try to give you a glimpse into my ordinary life.

Feel free to pass this along to family and friends, and hopefully i can be of some help.

Thanks again and keep checking in,

By the way, I hope the weather's nice for you. It's not snowing in Vancouver if i can rub it in to those in other parts of Canada...

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