she said sure why not...

...and we were wed august 1st 2008.

On top is Lindsay's engagement ring, a 1 carat cushion cut diamond in a flowing asymetrical ring.

above, our wedding bands photograped on our wedding day, fine eternity rings, her's with black diamonds channel set in 19 karat white gold, mine with yellow diamonds in 18 karat yellow gold.

paying hommage to an heirloom...

Fashion changes but the underlining thought will always stand time. A diamond although special in itself will always just be a diamond, whereas a ring is chosen to compliment one's individuality and personal beauty.

the family heirloom

A grandmother's engagement ring will always be special, and it's selection was just as important then as it is for today's potential bride. So when it is passed down in the family, why not pay tribute to granddad's great taste...with the modern aesthetics of the day.

a modern version of grandmother's ring using her diamond

Using a diamond from grandma's ring in a new, totally different ring would just be a new borrowing elements from her ring into the new one, the family diamond follows a respectful line bringing the story of it's selection full circle.

not your typical engagement ring...

Jewellery, as most things nowadays, can be quite generic. There's nothing wrong with the classic diamond solitaire, but every once and a while a special lady comes along that needs more than the typical.
Here's a 19k white gold with a platinum setting speckled with sparkly diamonds and rich alexandrites.
Alexandrite is a very special gemstone, rarely found in commercial jewellery, it changes colours from a reddish purple when viewed in warm candle light to a beautiful greenish blue when viewed in bright natural sunlight. A beautiful alternative that's coming into the spotlight nowadays.