rings that withstand time...

how do you improve on a classic design? Subtle changes towards simplicity and cleanliness in any piece can refresh and even make an already good design even better.
A well made ring will always look good, but cutting back and simplifying a past design can broaden it's appeal and make for timeless design.

inspired by a very popular six claw setting, this ring was designed with a softer, rounder band and only four claws with cleaner, more modern lines in the setting.
Still one of my favourites, the engagement ring on the left (below) is a stunner in a crowded room. A 1 carat emerald cut center stone surrounded by pave set smalls, it sparkles brightly from afar.
Inspired by a traditional design, migraine edges that were fashionable the past couple of years have been omitted and it's been simplified to a single arc on each of it's sides instead of the usually highly decorated scroll work. Clean yet classic in design.

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