celebrating a milestone...

Meaning is difficult to tap when it comes to looking for the perfect gift. It's not that easy to find that little something that makes a gift special. We're constantly presented with new things, new ideas and innovations that we forget that it's not the object itself that gives it significance, but the experience over time that make it valuable to it's owner. Whether it's for a short moment in time or an feeling that lasts forever it's our interaction with an object that develops it's value.

At the bottom of this post is another set of cuff links I've made. I must admit I didn't have much to do with the overall aesthetic of the design.
Another jeweller in Ontario has to be given credit, because it was their design of two unique rings that prompted two people to purchase them for one another.
The neat part is they each bought the other a piece unknowing of the others intention of doing the same... and from the same little shop.

original rings bought in hamilton, 1970's. (artist unknown)

35 years later the two celebrated their wedding anniversary in Quebec with a drawing of mine presented to the husband depicting a pair of cuff links honoring one of the first gifts they gave each another as a couple.

The idea brewed in a coffee shop in vancouver. His wife and their daughter, Erin, were looking to make the perfect pair of cuff links. We tossed around a bunch of ideas, commemorating his interests, his family, his name. But it was Erin's adoration of the story of these rings that it became more and more apparent to me that we should pay tribute to these rings, a profound symbol for the beginning of their relationship.

the finished cuff links.

With much anticipation, it was this past Christmas that the cuff links were presented and the story retold, bearing even more meaning as they were surrounded by their children and extended family.
A nice little gift with a big story.