handmade through and through...something old something new

A client met with me at the airport earlier this year wanting to present their daughter with a gift for her wedding day. She handed me a small parcel of her grandmother's diamonds, wanting her daughter to walk down the aisle with the memory of her in spirit. After the short visit they were in the air off again on their way home from a business trip.
A little while later, we transformed this collection of stones into a new timeles heirloom which is to be passed down to the next generation being started with the new couple.

These diamond encrusted earrings (shown in three views) are entirely hand fabricated at the bench. Using 19k white gold and platinum plate and wire, everything down to the spring lever backs is handmade. With this added attention to detail, it really makes a difference to a piece you are already spending hard earned money on that you wish to keep and pass down in the family. I think they're nice!

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